By Linda Stewart, 12 July 2018

Welcome to the website.  As with all genealogy, this site too is a work in progress and a learning experience.  We are so pleased to have Clarence McDaniel’s work online once again.  He is truly a treasure to our family for all of his years of hard work and dedication.

Happy Hunting!

9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I am so pleased that the Paschal- Paschall Genealogy will once again be available for viewing! I have enjoyed all of the interaction that I have had with Mr. McDaniel. The volume of work that he has assembled is truly amazing. We are all so lucky that he has devoted so much time and energy to our genealogy!

    1. Thanks Leigh for your gracious words. I should say that I donated my paper library(30, 3-ring notebooks) to my hometown, Paris, TN, genealogical library. They paid the postage to ship them! I continue daily doing a bit…..as I can

  2. Clarence,

    This is great. I can now cut out some of my running rabbit holes and get to some of the answers I have been looking for.


    Jerry Paschall

    1. Hi Jerry,
      My mind is not what it once was, but are you that big farmer in Henry Co, TN?. Big that is compared to my sisters 40a in Puryear.

  3. Clarence,

    This is great. I just have to figure out how to navigate and make it work.

    Jerry Paschall

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Yes, It should be more interactive allowing you to post your own stuff on Paschal and others of your line. Thanks for dropping in.

  4. I am so thankful for you and your immeasurable contribution to Paschall genealogy; thank you for preserving and continuing this great work (thanks also to LS). I hope the rest of us will be able to help even further the research still needed.

    1. Hi Brian, So glad to have you aboard. We are looking forward to big things in genealogy with active participation and passive contributions. It will take some time to get it all together…..

  5. Your in Sept 4, 2018 “Latest News”, referring to Jana, says “Furthermore, there was a Paschal in her life in England so that limits the area to two counties”, but I am stumped on how we know Paschal and Jana knew each other in England vs. first meeting each other in either Massachusetts or New Jersey. Would you please clarify how we know this statement? Thank you. -Brian

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