Happy Veterans Day – Thank You For Your Service.

By Linda Stewart, 12 November 2018

According to Veterans Day Facts, “Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938. Unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans—living or dead—but especially gives thanks to living veterans who served their country honorably during war or peacetime.”

I want to honor the 153 Veterans who are featured in the “John T. Paschall and his wife Mary Cook Paschall, Two Hundred Years of Our Family’s History” book.  Most of them have gone home to be with the Lord.

Troy Preston Allen, Thomas Mitchell Anderson, Delbert Monroe Artherholt, Danny Lee Artherholt, Danny Lee Artherholt Jr., Donald Clinton Artherholt,  Arthur Dee Bean, Jr., Claude Melvin Bean, Ronald Chester Bean, John Frederick Belew, Jr., David Lee Bell, Charles Merwyn Blakely, Paul Merwin Blakely, Adron Eldrige Blythe, Robert Andrew Bowman, Robert Andrew Bowman, Jr., Fred Oran Briscoe, Joe Alton Brugger, Arvel B. Bush, James Steve Cannon, Lloyd Donald Cannon, William Claude Cannon, Robert Cheatham, Patricia Bean Clark, Claude William Colwell, Samuel B. Combs, Alvin Wesley Crisp, Jr., Horace Valentine Dean, Nolen Richard Dean, James Conrad Deen, Jordan Clarence Dunlap, William Marion Fletcher, Eugene Denis Fletcher, John George Fratus, William Vincent Freitas, Buford Russell Frith, Finis Eugene Gibson, Archie Orville Gray, Billy Beckham Hamer, Thomas James Hanson, Donnie Dale Hardwick, Curtis Grant Harrell, Forrest Devoy Harrell, Truman Riley Harris, William Herman Harris, Justin Lewis Hart, Marcell T. Haxthausen, Columbus C. High, Harry Jim High, Rufus Morgan High, Bobby Gene Hodge, Marvin Jordan Holmes, Jesse Johnson, Jewel Ethel Johnson, Albert George Jones, Charles Powell Jones, Leonard V. Keller, Marjorie Mae Meek Lambert, Deane M. Lambert, Grover William Landers, John Thomas Langham, Vincent Henri Leyva, Crystal Eugene Lindsey, Emma Lou Lindsey, Oliver Chatman Lindsey, John Melvin Long, Eugene Edward Loving, Samuel Edward Loving, Maurice Lee MaGee, Curtis Odell McDonald, Arthur Glen Mahone, Carl Odell Mahula, Curtis Mathis Mahula, James Thomas Mahula, Hardy Roy Martin, James Hershell Martin, Marion R. Martin, Clarence Rambo Meek, Frank Craig Meek, Gerald Cunningham Meek, Rueben Matherson Meek, John Denver Milliken, Lawrence Benjamin Morris, William Stephen Newsom, Ralph Paschall Noah, James Burton Paschal, Charles James Cook Paschall, Charles Ray Paschall, Charles William Paschall, Darrell Dean Paschall, Edwin Anderson Paschall, Floyd Roland Paschall, Frank Stamps Paschall, George Washington Paschall, Jr., Henry Austin Paschall, James Brice Paschall, John Clinton Paschall, John J. Paschall, Julius Ward Paschall, Lawrence Stanford Paschall, Jr., Lunsford Stanhope Paschall, Montgomery Pike Paschall, Omer Clyde Paschall, Robert Anderson Paschall, William Thomas Paschall, Wilmer Larue Paschall, Wyatt Howard Paschall, Ray Porter,  Leslie E. Reagor, Jack Arnold Reid, William Harold Reid, William Harold Reid, Jr., Douglas Lee Rice, Winnie Ridgway Rice, Spencer Wilder Ridgway, Steve Houston Ridgway, Herman Paul Riley, Jack Fouch Riley, Jr., Tommie Jack Riley, Wintferd Cleo Riley, Leldon James Rogers, Henry Elmer Robinson, Lester Eugene Rogers, Thomas Eli Rogers, Bobby Lee Rutledge, James R. Rutledge, Jackie Sanders, Wyatt Howard Schelsteder, Billie Joe Sherbert, Joseph Grady Sherbert, Jeff Simmons, Jim Simmons, John Simmons, Mary Simmons, Pete Simmons, Steven Simmons, Tammy Simmons, Ted Simmons, Vivian Simmons, Steve Smith, Edward T. Southerland, Lunce Loving Stallons, William Thomas Stanley, Manton Stewart, Francis Marion Stubbs, Jr., Stanley Larue Stubbs,  Lloyd Turner Tabor, Edward Ted Teague, Walter Alvin Teague, Edward Dean Thibodeaux, Arthur Jesse Van Arman, Edward Lee Weeden, Hershell Olan Wilson.

I think the hardest part of researching the John T. Paschall book was the research on the wars.  Each of these men and women have a story to tell.  Here is one such story …

Arthur Mahone was a member of HQ Company, 192nd Tank Battalion. He was a Japanese Prisoner of War who was selected for transport to Japan, from the Philippines, in early October 1944. His POW detachment was sent to the Port Area of Manila. The ship his detachment was scheduled to sail on was ready to depart, but the entire detachment had not arrived.  Another POW detachment was not ready to sail but their ship was. The Japanese swapped POW detachments so the ship could sail.

1,803 Prisoners of War were boarded onto the Arisan Maru on October 11, 1944. The ship sailed and anchored in a cove off Palawan Island. It returned to Manila ten days later where it sailed as part of a convoy. On October 24, 1944, late in the day, the ship was in the Bashi Channel of the South China Sea. The POWs, on deck preparing dinner, watched the Japanese run to the bow of the ship a torpedo passed in front of the ship. Moments later, the guards ran to the stern as another torpedo passed behind the ship. The ship shook and came to a stop. It had been hit by two torpedoes amidships. The POWs were forced back into the holds and the Japanese covered the hatch openings with their covers. They then abandoned ship.

After the Japanese were gone the POWs climbed onto the deck. Most had survived the attack. Those POWs who could not swim raided the food lockers. They wanted to die with full stomachs. For two hours, the ship got lower and lower in the water. At some point, it broke in two. POWs took to the water on anything that floated. Some swam to nearby Japanese ships, but they were pushed away by Japanese sailors with poles. Five men found an abandoned lifeboat that had no oars. During the night, they heard the cries for help which faded away until there was silence. Only nine men survived the sinking. Eight survived to the end of the war.  Submitted to Findagrave, memorial ID #64924959, courtesy of JimO.

Happy Veterans Day – Thank You For Your Service.

Happy Hunting!

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