Deep Creek Texas School, ca 1909 or 1910

By Linda Stewart, 2 April 2019

Per the Texas State Historical Association, Handbook of Texas Online, “DEEP CREEK (WISE COUNTY),” Deep Creek was named for its steep banks.  The banks begin their rise five miles southeast of Decatur and run south for five miles to the mouth of the West Fork of the Trinity River, a mile east of Boyd.  “It traverses undulating to hilly terrain with light to very dark loamy soils that have an accumulation of lime. Deep Creek was the site of the first house built in Wise County. Pioneer settler Sam Woody built a small house on the banks of the stream in 1854, and within a few years the Deep Creek community had developed in the area. By the mid-1980’s a cemetery was the only reminder of the settlement.”

Several of the Paschall families lived in Deep Creek in the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  One of the families was the John Thomas (Jack) Paschall family.  Their children attended the Deep Creek School.

Deep Creek School, ca 1909 or 1910. Ollie Clementine Paschall is on the 3rd roll top left.

If you can identify the teachers and the other students, please let us know.

Happy Hunting!

Picture courtesy of William Harold Reid Jr.

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