Mason M. Paschall, Uniontown Planter, Qualifies for Legislature

The Marion Times-Standard, (Marion, AL), Thu., February 19, 1942, Page 1.  Reposted by Linda Stewart, 1 September 2022

Mason M. Paschall has officially qualified for place number two in the legislature from Perry County.  Mr. Paschall has been in the state for over 20 years, and a registered citizen of Perry County.  During this time Mr. Paschall has taken part in many of the worthwhile and progressive legislative movements in the state.  Though this is his first bid for public office, Mr. Paschall has been indirectly active in state affairs for a number of years.  This experience should merit consideration by Perry County voters as it has given him marked qualifications for filling the office to which he aspires.

Mr. Paschall is a member of the American Legion, having enlisted in 1917 as an aviator.  He is also vice-president of the Alabama Ginner’s Association.

Mr. Paschall is the originator of the now world famous annual Uniontown Turkey Carnival, and is now service this organization as vice-president, which has brought fame and prosperity as well as invaluable publicity to Perry County.

To the farmers of Perry County Mr. Paschall has this to say: “If elected to the legislature, I propose among other vital bills, to introduce a bill which will have as its purpose greatly increased and regulated production of high quality turkeys.  This will ultimately attract to our counties those industries such as canneries, hatcheries and storage plants which have always followed such movements in the other turkey and poultry sections of the U. S.

Mr. Paschall is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Uniontown.  He is engaged in farming, ginning and stock raising.

Recently the Montgomery Advertiser had this to say of Mr. Paschall and his qualifications:

“Whaddya you think?  That fellow, Mason M. Paschall of Uniontown, is in the race for the legislature from Perry County.  And we believe Mason will be elected.  He is a progressive, upright, honest, capable and bold man.  He has a temper that would give the devil something to think about when he (Paschall) becomes aroused.”

“Paschall is the great anti-sales tax man.  He made the rotunda of the capitol turn blue in the last administration with his vehement protests against the sales tax.  And at that time, of course, we felt the same way Paschall did.  Paschall was on the right trail but in the wrong scouting party.  Today Paschall is still on the right trail but with the right scouting party.”

“The legislature will be better off for having Paschall in it.  He is no smug prude, no narrow bigot.  He looks at things with a wide open eye and his thinking is straight.  Perry County, we say, would do well to let Paschall have a shot at a legislative session.”

“We predict Paschall will be a great help to Gov. Graves because he has business sense and common sense as well.”

Fred Taylor writing in the Birmingham News says under the heading “Talking Turkey,” “Mason M. Paschall has entered the race for legislature from Perry County.  Mr. Paschall is the originator of the now famous Uniontown Turkey Carnival which has literally put Uniontown and Perry County on the map throughout the nation.  Mr. Paschall seeks place number two.”

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