Dianna, M, daughter of William Paschal(c1704-1774)

of the NC Land Grants

by Clarence McDaniel, Sep 10 2016

Dianna was born about 1750 in NC and marrid Richard King about 1771. They had a son named Engles as shown by her fathers will. Her father gave her 150a in Granville Co making the provision that it was to go to Engles at their decease. Richard and family, however, sold the land and moved away. Engles was later found in Kentucky using English as a given name. This find led to establishing that Jana Inglis Parker Paine of Woodbridge, NJ, was William, C's mother. see William,C, biography.

It is not known when/where Richard and Dianna died; they had several children, Engles(english) died in Casey Co, KY, and is buried in the King cemetery there.


1779 Gran/NC DB John Hawklins acknowledged that he bought the land