Samuel, D, son of William Paschal(c1704-1774)

of the NC Land Grants

by Clarence McDaniel Sep 2018

Samuel was born the 1st day of April, 1727, probably in Middlesex County, NJ. He has always been considered the oldest of the eight sons and most likely the oldest child of William and Reliance. Samuel is the best documented of the eight sons. It is from his Bible that we know the name of his mother; this being the sole source of her name.

In 1739, the last year that we have a record of the family in NJ, Samuel was a minor, 12 years old. We do not know when he left NJ for NC. He married Phereba Ward, daughter of John and Mary Ward on the 14th of July, 1748. Where?, normally we would surmize that he traveled with family to NC arriving there about 1744 at age 17, and married there at 21?

The 1750 tax list of Granville County shows Wlliam, C, as head of family with an additional 4 polls(unnamed). Using 16 as the age to be listed for the tax we see the 4 oldest sons as likely candidates for the list. Samuel, married but at home, is the reasoning. What normally happened in these early days when a son married he found a homesite on family property and there was a house building with the neighbors pitching in.

Samuel had a survey order in 1753 but no grant was issued. The 1754 Militia list of Granville contains Samuel's name in a separate company of men from his father. We think he is living separately at this time, raising children and everything else. The 1755 tax list has his father and 6 sons(named), including Samuel, are listed. see notes, scrapbook

In the 1760's, Samuel was given two plats of land by his father.

Samuel also received three grants of land from North Carolina; one for 420 acres adjoining the property his father gave him and another for 700 acres on the northwest end of his father's grants and another 700 acre tract. Samuel seems to have managed quite well and had many land transactions. Since we have a source for his birth we can verify that the tax lists of Warren County dropped him from the poll tax after a certain age. The 1787 and prior lists show this poll but the 1788 and subsequent lists do not. This indicates Samuel was excused from the tax after age 50.

Records show Samuel in the 1771 tax list of Bute County with son, William. There are many deeds concerning Samuel from 1771 to the 1790's. The state census of 1786, Warren County, shows a family of two sons and two daughters. In the 1790 federal census we find two sons and one daughter and assume one daughter had married, most likely this was the oldest, Reliance, D1.

About the year 1794,Samuel disposed of his property and moved to Wilkes Co, GA(not SC). His son William, who preceded him, then deeded 85a of his grant to his parents. see notes, scrapbook

The tax lists of Wilkes show Samuel for 1794/95. Note: He has 9 slaves which ID's him.

By 1796 Samuel has left for SC and son, Samuel, Dc, has the 85a(1 slave). By 1796 the son has another slave likely from his father(see will). The son keeps the 85a until 1807.

The residence in Abbeville Co, SC,. was near the state line with Georgia and bordered on Wilkes County of that state. Samuel is found on the 1800 census of Abbeville County.

In July, 1805, Samuel made his will.see notes, scrapbook

The will was very well executed and named all Samuel's children and his daughters' husbands. Fortunately some of the children were married in Warren County and a few bonds have survived. South Carolina lacked civil marriage records until a much later period. Samuel's widow(as Ferba) was listed in the 1810 census of Abbeville.

The descendants of Samuel's children are found principally in two areas, Rockingham County, NC, and Georgia. A brief history of each child follows.

Reliance, D1

Reliance was born the 8th of December, 1749, in Granville County. She married John Hammock but she died before her father and likely before 1786. We have a deed of John Hammock of 1786 in which his 2nd wife is named as Phebe(not Reliance's sister).

Mary, D2

Mary was born the 4th of February,1752, in Granville County and married a Chadwick.

William, D3

William was born on the 15th of April, 1753 or 1754 in Granville County. There are two Bibles that record his birth and they differ by one year. William married Mary Hammock about 1773 and was given a tract of land by his father in 1775. We do not have a marriage record but this has been well established through other records of the family. William's name appears on many records of Warren County and many prior searchers have considered some of these records to be those of William,G, but the writer believes William,G, left the area about 1760. William, D3, is often tagged with the junior designation; this being not for parentage but for senority. After Willm, C, died in 1774 the junior was dropped.

William's older sister, Reliance, married John Hammock and they moved to Wilkes County, GA. About 1786 William, D3, also moved there. He obtained several tracts of land in the Wilkes/Lincoln County area which has caused searchers to speculate that this showed he was a revolutionary soldier. There is no reason to believe this merely from the land acquisition. There was, however, an account of a William(likely F1) from Nutbush District of Granville County who was in the revolutionary militia. There is no certain way to tell which of the several Williams this was. William and his sister may have married siblings but this is not certain.

Positive identification of William, D3, occurs by means of a deed(1775 Bute DB 5-279) in Warren County of 1775. In this deed, (1790) William, living in Wilkes,GA, sells 245a of land his father had given him.

William died, intestate, about March, 1807, and his widow and son administered the estate.

John, D4

John was born the 1st of July, 1756, in Granville County. He received from his father 333 1/3 acres of land and this may be used to identify him in later Rockingham County. John married Mary Robertson, daughter of Nathaniel Robertson, on the 26th of November, 1783, in Warren County. This John and his wife are incorrectly identified in printed works but the evidence is absolutely clear. This error constitutes one of the major errors that persists in the C-line possibly due to the large number of John given names and the lack of surviving marriage bonds. He became identified as the senior John after the death of John, E, in 1776.

John was quite rich for the time and moved to Rockingham County, NC, about the summer of 1808. This being shown by the dropping of the senior and junior tags in records of Warren County. John appears on the 1810 census of Rockingham County as John, Sr, having again picked up the tag due to a younger John, H6, also in residence. The 1810 census duplicated the entries of the two Johns resident there. John died, intestate, about February of 1816. There was considerable property to be disposed of and we can establish the complete family from the estate and land proceedings. The youngest son, John, was a minor and had a guardian until about 1823. Mary, the widow, died in Hawkins County,TN, and is listed in the mortality census schedules of 1850. John had a family of three sons and two daughters.

Rachel, D5

Rachel was born the 29th of November,1759, in Granville County and married a Cole.

Sarah, D6

Sarah was born the 18th of March, 1762, in Granville County and married John Glover. This is identified by the middle names of the Glover children. There is a Glover website owned by Margie Daniels which has many records of this family.

Susan, D7

Susan was born the 18th of March, 1764, in Granville County and married Archibald Loftis in Warren County on Jan 2, 1782.

Nancy, D8

Nancy was born the 15th of August, 1766, in Bute County and married a Bell. Some speculation is that the name Bell was transliterated from the German name, Dingle. A Nancy Dingle died in Georgia with will. A Dingler website and yearly reunions exists with many records.

Mildred, D9

Mildred was born the 17th of December, 1768, in Bute County. She married James Corthon(varies) in Warren County on September 14, 1783.

Betty, Da

Betty was born the 12th of March,1771, in Bute County. She married Henry Vanlandingham on January 24, 1787, in Warren County and they lived in Lancaster County, SC.

Phereba, Db

Phereba was born the 1st of October, 1773, in Bute County and married Martin Loftis in Warren County on October 9, 1790.

Samuel, Dc

Samuel was born the 28th of December, 1775, in Bute County, NC. He apparently moved with his parents to Wilkes County, GA. and married Elizabeth Leverett about 1794. Samuel won lot #122 and moved to Jasper Co, GA, about 1807. He died 1812 leaving an estate. He has been previously confused with Samuel, H2, in Morgan Co, GA, but recent(2012) research has clarified this situation. See DAR letter

The research done by Robert Clark(D.C.) and Jerry Wolfe(GA) was conclusive.

(DAR letter)

Milton, Dd

Milton was born the 19th of July, 1778, in Bute County, NC, and moved with his father to Wilkes County, GA. He moved with parents about 1796 to SC and married Sarah B about 1804 there. He died there c1834, leaving a will that names his widow and children.see notes, scrapbook

Source notes for Samuel Paschall(not up to date)

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