was named Sarah, L

Sarah, L, daughter of William Paschal(c1704-1774)

of the NC Land Grants

by Clarence McDaniel, Sep 9, 2018

Sarah was named first in her fathers will and seems like his oldest daughter. She married William Buchannon shortly after har father's death and had children. William sold Sarah's land in 1777. William associated with the E-line in the County line/Bearver Dam district of Granville Co. He died there in 1789 and had probate with Silas, E2, as administrator. This association is what leads me to think Sarah was the oldest daughter. Sarah likely died before her husband as he left verbal/will? instructions to sell estate for children. The names of Buchannons clanned to the E-line of Smith Co. TN and John H, E21 in MS are likely descendants.


1771 Gran/NC TL Wm Buchannon in with her brother, Dennis; her future husband or already married.

1774 Gran/NC Named in her father's will; 150a in Gran/NC; married?

1777 Gran/NC DB L pl 35 hush sold her 150a to brother, Elisha.

1778 Gram/NC TL Beaver Dam, as William Huekhannan, 1 poll

1780 Gran/NC TL County Line dist, 500 pounds

1782 Gran/NC TL County Line dist 1 poll

1786 Gran/NC TL 120a 1 poll

1787 Gran/NC TL 1 poll; 1788 ditto

1788 Gran/NC Ct Rec Wm Tanner to husband; 70a; proved by James, E I ; Nov 4

1789 Gran/NC WB 1 ; husb, Wm; pl 08,111,129; sell estate for ch; Sarah dead?

1794 Gran/NC WB 1 , p l, 18 est as Wm Bohannon? ; this is a Ct Rec?

1806 Gran/NC DB fr Samuel, E3, to Wm Buchannan?), lOOa; proved by John, E4.

Note: Use of name Dennis by Buchannon desc's confirms marriage

Note: Silas,E2, was exec'r of hush, Wm Buchannon; sale was Aug term, 1789

Note: She likely died before husband; had issue

Note: Ch were Andrew, Wm, David Dennis & Jerusha(marr Geo M Taylor(at sale)

Note: Silas was bdsman for cousin?, Jerusha

Note: David in MS, 1850C, with John H, E21, & in son's, Dennis, house.

Note: Smit/TN 1830C has Wm, David, Denm`s Buchannon

Note: Buchannon has many spellings: Buchanan~ Buchanon, Buckhanan. etc End Sarah, L