Thomas, K, son of William Paschal(c1704-1774)

of the NC Land Grants

by Clarence McDaniel, Sep 10 2018

Thomas, the youngest son of William, was born about 1755 in Granville County. He lived all his life at the homeplace and was likely buried in the family burial ground beside his father and mother (not likely Reliance Dennis). He married Charity about 1776. Her surname may have been Russell or Twitty as a deed record shows Thomas, through his wife's interest, as sharing a deceased child's interest in the estate of Twitty Russell. Thus Charity could have been a grandchild of Twitty Russell. Tradition, however, has labeled Charity with the Wood surname. Members of the Wood family were longtime neighbors of the Paschall family so this is also a good possibility.

The tradition has always been that Thomas was the son of William and his first wife, Reliance. This may be the case but the writer is not aware of any evidence to show this as fact. Indeed, it would seem that for this to be the case, Reliance would have been approaching fifty at the time of Thomas' birth. There is the likelihood that an as yet unknown 2nd wife may be the mother of Thomas and others of the family.

Thomas received from his father the southern portion of the 1749 grant bordering on Cabin Creek. He eventually received the homeplace as it was only loaned to his stepmother, Tabitha, for her lifetime. In his lifetime Thomas accumulated quite a bit of the original Paschall land including some of the land in Granville County. He seems to have acquired most of the Warren County property owned by Samuel,D, and his son, William, D3. He gave William, D3,'s land to his son, John, K5.

Thomas appears on a number of estate proceedings and estate sales in Warren County; he administered some of these, apparently as a close friend to the deceased.

Recently(2013) There has been located the Rev. War pension application of Parks King. Parks was the brother of Tabitha,the widow of William, C. Parks indicated he served 4 months as a substitute for Thomas, K, in 1779. See Thomas' scrapbook.

Thomas died, intestate, in 1821 but the subsequent estate proceedings named all his sons, daughters and son-in-laws. Most of these children remained in Warren and Franklin counties for their lifetimes and their descendants today constitute the great majority if not all of those of the Paschall name living in the area. Even though a Bible belonging to Thomas was bought at the estate sale by his son, Michael, no Bible record as such has ever been forthcoming and no exact dates of the births of the children are known.

Thomas had by his wife Charity, six sons and six daughters an account of whom follows:


Nancy was born 1774 and died after 1821. She married Richard Wadkins on September 30, 1796. They had a son, Richard, who had wife, Nancy, in the 1850 census. This could get confusing.


William was born about 1778 and married Martha Wilson on March 12, 1807 in Warren County. He lived his lifetime on land his father gave him in Nutbush District of Warren County. He reared a large family and died, testate, just after the census of 1850. He named his children in his will but this author thinks that one son, William E., was not named.


Thomas was born about 1779 and is presumed younger than William due to the aversion of most fathers at this time to the naming of the first son for themselves. He married Sally Mabry and they had two sons and three daughters. Thomas wrote his will in May of 1844 and it was probated in July of 1846.


Mary was born before 1782 and married George Smith on February 3, 1802. She died after 1828.


John was born 1784 and died 1840. He married Rhoda Pitchford and they had one son and four daughters. John had a tavern and built a fine house of which a photograph was made in the early 1900's. John died testate and his daughter, Ellenor, was executrix of the estate. It was from his son, Robert Daniel, that the PASCHALL genealogist, Edward Early Paschall descended. Robert D was a surveyor and made a 1870 map of Warren Co, which is archived.


Elizabeth was born 1784 and married William Bartlett on March 15, 1808. They were resident in Grayson County, VA, in 1834. She may be named for the mother of Dennis/Thomas but no evidence exists.


Henry was born 1785 in Warren County and died in 1833. Henry was the rogue of the family, being involved in two child support bonds. There is some question as to the paternity of the second and third children attributed to him in this work but it seems reasonable. There is a marriage bond executed in 1811 in which he married the mother, Polly Capp, of the first son, Thomas Dennis,K71. Henry apparently separated from her and a court record of February, 1813, details the child support and names the son. Henry was elected the constable of Smith Creek district in 1812 and his brother and father gave bond. The court and deed records of Warren County show Henry posted bond for a child born to Mary Langford in 1827. Henry seems to have moved to Surry County, NC, by 1830 with son, Thomas. The second son, Robert Chappin, appears on both the 1850 census of Surry County, NC, and Randolph County, IN. Thomas later moved to Guilford County, NC. Robert C. is presumed to have lived with his brother, Thomas, in Guilford. It is not known for certain where Henry died but his brother, John, K5, was administrator of his insolvent estate in 1833 in Warren County.

Michael Wood,K8

Michael was born 1787 and died after 1850. He married Elizabeth Wood and reared a large family. Only two children were at home in the 1850 census. The son, William Henry, has been determined from a deed in Warren County. The other children assigned to him have been done so by the usual means of the process of elimination and association. No record is known which names all his children.


Robert was born about 1789 and died shortly after his father in 1822. He married Nancy Haywood and they had only one child, a daughter named Nancy.

Martha A,Ka

Martha was born 1795 and died after 1850. She married Ransom Walker on April 13, 1809.


Bushaba was born after 1790 and was married to Joseph Taylor by 1821.

Nancy D,Kc

Nancy was born abt 1806 and a minor in 1823 and had a gdn appointed. No marr known.

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End of the K-line