Descendants of Morgan MCDANIEL (c1772 - c1845)

First Generation

1. Morgan MCDANIEL was born about 1772. He died after 1845 in Benton, TN.


Morgan married UNK about 1805 in Laur?, SC. UNK died after 1840 in Henry, TN.

They had the following children.

  2 M i
Isaac MCDANIEL was born about 1805 in SC. He died after 1831.[Notes]
Isaac married UNK about 1829.
  3 F ii
Elizabeth MCDANIEL was born in 1807 in SC. She died after 1860 in Trigg, KY.[Notes]
Elizabeth married John HENDERSON on 5 Jan 1825 in Trigg, KY. John died about 1830 in Trigg, KY.
Elizabeth also married William LYON on 2 Dec 1831 in Trigg, KY. William died after 1850.
  4 F iii
Mary MCDANIEL was born in 1810 in Trigg, KY. She died after 1860 in Henry, TN.[Notes]
Mary married unk LEWIS about 1838 in Henry, TN. unk died before 1848 in Henry, TN.
Mary also married Theophilus ELLIS on 24 May 1848 in Henry, TN. Theophilus was born in 1798 in Wayne, NC. He died about Jan 1857 in Henry, TN.[Notes]
  5 F iv
Margaret MCDANIEL was born in 1811 in Trigg, KY. She died after 1880 in Henry, TN.[Notes]
Margaret married John MCFADDEN on 18 Mar 1841 in Henry, TN.
  6 F v
Jane MCDANIEL was born in 1812 in Trigg, KY. She died after 1850.[Notes]
Jane married James YOUNG on 28 May 1840 in Henry, TN. James died after 1851.
+ 7 M vi Jacob MCDANIEL was born in 1816. He died in 1872.
+ 8 M vii Mathew Neal MCDANIEL was born in 1819. He died after 1862.
+ 9 M viii Peter Ryan MCDANIEL was born on 14 Jan 1823. He died about 1875.
  10 F ix
Martha Jane MCDANIEL was born in 1827 in Trigg, KY. She died about 1852 in Henry, TN.[Notes]
Martha married James MCELROY on 23 Apr 1846 in Benton, TN.

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