Descendants of Xc PASCHALL (c1640 - 1717)



Paschall ID = xc                             Compiled by Clarence McDaniel

2016 The 1st name is a guess; could be Isaiah? or William Isaiah?

NOTE: Facts: The father likely died before 1710; William was born, c1704 and so marr age age 21; There doesen't seem to be any siblings for Willm, so perhaps the marriage to Jana occurred c1700. Jana is belived to have been 70 when she died in 1744 or born c1674 and 36 when she had 1st Parker child.If she married P'l, c1700, she was 26 by this reckoning. The country c1670 was very limited, mostly VA, DE, Jamestown, Boston. If the father was older and died before 1710 say at 50 then born 1660.....any P'l would do....Jana may have been the aunt to William, not the biological mother if so then William was an adopted son and his mother was a sister to Jana.

!Nov 10, 2016
Note: In this space I would like to add some speculation. By this I mean it is all a guess, no documents.

I have given the father of Willm, C, an ID. It is xc, It means: I don't know his given name, the C is to tie the guess to Willm, C.

If, early on,c1660, families in England who refused to sign an oath of allegience to Charles II, surnamed English amd Paschal, migrated to Scotland to avoid the King's displeasure we would have a basis for our situation. The surname English in Scotland, for the children born there, would become Inglis in the Scotish language. So if a young woman, Inglis, married a man named Paschal and immgrated to America to avoid the Kings displeasure they likely would be anonymous upon arrival. If the man had a Bible and soon died the woman would own that Bible. This idea fits with the known facts but...the only evidence is general history of the time. Jana may have altered the Bible to remove other names and had her children sign the page.Thn wrote,"it is my Bible..." This is m guess....

The NJ supreme court document #41320 is a disposition(statement) given by the drunk of the events. He signed the statement with a very learned hand. Perhaps he was a ship Captain or just a temporary visitor. He stated he was served whiskey by Jana's sons, Willm Paschal and John Parker. This is NOT the same as her stating this. Willm may have been a nephew or adopted and known as a son by the neighbors. Jana likely altered the Bible to hide it's origin then had her and sons sign it. We need more info here. This would be English and Scotish history.


1703 Jana marr(1st) Isaiah?) Paschal, son William b,c1704
!c1708 Midd/NJ Jana marr(2nd) Samuel Parker,their son, John b, 1711; 3 sons b, 1709-1719;see Samuel Parker genealogy in Main section
1719 Midd/NJ She signed her Bible as Jana Inglis Parker/Pain and as Jana Inglis
1723 NY/NY Indenture of son, John; witnesses: Thomas Inglis, Jana Parker, Wm Bradford(printer)
1725 Midd/NJ Husb,Samuel Parker, died, had will; Jana executrix
1726 Midd/NJ son, James' apprentice registration; mother was witness as Jana Payne;James signed, Jan 1
Note: Jana marr(3rd?) Nathaniel Pain within 6 months after Samuel Parker died....from documents
1733 midd/NJ Nathaniel Pain d Apr; had will; Jana executrix; she was adm'x also of Joseph Thorpe d Dec  who had bought land Nat had sold but not been paid for thence her adm'x.
1734 Midd/NJ  W BK C p28 Will, Thomas Inglis, Sr., Innkeeper, Perth Amboy, wife, Mary; Jana's brother?. Was witness for her son, John Parker's apprenticeship, 1723, in NY City. Perhaps Thomas was co-signer.
1734 Midd/NJ NJ Supreme CT #41320; says: "Janna Payne's's two sons, to wit: William Paschal & John Parker"; May 24
1734 Midd/NJ Deed from John Parker(bro of husb, Samuel)to Jana Pain; Nov 5; C-3 :Folio 336;Lots #54,55,56 Woodbridge Common
1734 Midd/NJ NJ Supreme Court; suits for debt, ptff, 28 suits as Janna Payne, to 1745(as exec'x)
1737 Midd/NJ NJ Supreme Court; suits for debt, deft,  4 suits as Janna Paine; to 1741(as exec'x)
1739 Midd/NJ NJ Supreme Ct; #29483: Janna Paine vs Samuel Dennis(deft); debt; Samuel was in Hunterdon Co, Reliance's brother?;I have this; Does not seem to be Reliances brother, Samuel owed her husb 54 pds
1739 Monm/NJ Supreme Ct #29911* Trespass Janna Paine(shopkeeper) vs Executors of James Johnson
1741 Midd/NJ Supreme CT #23313; debt/deft: Lucas vs Paine (likely as exec'x of Nat's estate), March
1744 Midd/NJ Presbyterian Church cem, her burial, says aged 70, index #1126; Jan 1; also Nathaniel Paine,merchant,had will, #1116
1745 Midd/NJ Supreme CT  #29108; debt/plft Payne vs Obediah Ayres; Aug; (wrong date)
1917 Midd/NJ Presbyterian cem, index by Jane Devlin; online; she said tombstones were disintegating; listed Jana's age as 70.
Note: a modern tombstone has been placed at site of grave. by unknown ? ditto, Reliance
2016 The following book has the only known info on Jana Inglis; ONLINE: google: Samuel and Jana Parker; look for book: Genalogies of NJ families, A-Z...vol I...then go to page 687-688; see index for Thomas Inglis, et al

Note: Jana Inglis was owner of 1566 Bible with 2 signatures of William Paschall, 1730; Maryland Hist. Soc., Gordon Bond, historian, author

Note: Joseph Dallys list of vitals for Woodbridge stopped in 1708 when book(Libre A) was filled. Book likely went to dust per Dally. Thus all vitals after 1708 were not recorded....Note: Libre A was copied by Nathaniel Fitz-Randolph; It was quoted by Dally but not found today?.

Note: Inglis is a Scots surname: Perth-Amboy was one of the ports for notorius Scot immigration of 1685-1715.

Note: Willm's will names dau, Dianna, M's, son, Engles King; he was to receive his parents bequest when they died. Engles was commonly used for surname Inglis. Engles King, later in life, used Inglish as given name. This is a remarkable memory by Willm of his early life in Woodbridge. This indicates a close relationship to Jana Inglis. But who was she?. 1st record is her marriage to Samuel Parker, c1709; 2nd record is a line in her Bible dated, 1719. See scrapbook

Jana's Bible original cost estimate: about 2 years common labor in 1566, 50-100 pds. This means Jana was likely educated and upper class as shown by her management of Nathaniel's business after his death...see NJ archives, Supreme Court dockets, Janna Pain(payne).