You Must Choose

by Linda Stewart, 27 November 2022

This is a true story.  The “event” took place in 2005.  On November 9, 2022 the Lord gave me a dream reminding me of the “event”.  In the dream He said seven times, “Tell them they have to choose.”  This is the story of the “event”.

My mother, Ruth Paschall Clark, was born in 1919.  At the age of 9 she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She served Him faithfully all the days of her life, and raised her children to love the Lord Jesus.

In 2005, mother was hospitalized in our small local hospital with pneumonia.  She had been there for about a week.  My sister had been staying with her at night.  One evening mother called me and said, “I want you staying with me tonight.”  I took care of the things that needed tending to at my home, put on comfortable clothes that I could sleep in, grabbed my bible and anointing oil, and headed to the hospital.  When I got there mother was sitting on the edge of her hospital bed.  She started crying and said, “Jesus has left me.”

I said, “Mother, Jesus hasn’t left you.  He says in His word ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ (Hebrews 13:5).  Why do you think He’s left you?”

She said, “About three days ago, I was in the bathroom.  Something hit me and it’s inside of me.  I hear it blaspheming the Lord and now I can’t feel Jesus”.

I said, “Mother, why didn’t you say something about this earlier?”

She said, “I was afraid you kids would think I was crazy.”

I said, “Well, you’re not crazy and we going to take care of this.”

At that time, I was just learning about the authority of the name of Jesus and dealing with demons.  My friend Ann and her roommate were both familiar with deliverance ministry.  So I decided to call her to get some guidance.  I called Ann’s home from mother’s hospital room.  As soon as her phone rang the phone line in the room went dead.  I went to the nurse’s station, told them the phone line was dead.  They told me to use their phone.  I called Ann and she answered the phone.  I said, “Ann, it’s Linda.  I need prayer” and that phone line also went dead.  I told the nurse the line was dead and she said, “Oh that’s impossible the hospital has a backup system” but to her surprise, it had failed at that moment.  The phone system to the entire hospital was not working.  Ann and her roommate immediately started praying and interceding for me.

I went back to mother’s room.  I got out my anointing oil and opened my bible and started reading out loud.  Mother put her hands over her ears.  The demon was really tormenting her now.  I said, “What is the demon saying?”

She said, “Your daughter can’t help you. No one can help you.”

I said, “That is a lie straight from hell because Mother and I are covered by the blood of Jesus.  Let’s get ready for bed.”

As we were getting ready for bed, things began to happen in the room.  The furniture started moving on its own.  Items that were on the night stand started flying through the room as if being thrown by an invisible hand.  A picture fell off the wall.  Mother was in the bed clutching my bible to her chest.  I anointed us both, and I anointed the hospital bed.  I got into bed with her.  We were both laying on our left sides with my right arm wrapped around her.  At this point we were in a full poltergeist event.  The bed we were in started vibrating and moving.  Speaking to the demons, I said, “Devil, you do whatever you want to do.  Mother and I are covered by the Blood of Jesus and in Jesus’ name we are going to sleep.”  When I said the “Blood of Jesus”  everything stopped.  The things that were in mid air stopped.  Then everything crashed to the floor.  The crash was so loud one of the nurses from the nursing station came to see what had happened.  I saw her open the door, but she did not come into the room.

Mother and I went to sleep.  The next morning we woke up about the same time.  Still lying on our left sides with my arm around her, I asked mother if the demon was gone.  She said yes. Then mother said, “Well, what did you think about last night?”

I kind of laughed and said, “Well, it was one thing for things to go flying through the room.  It was another thing when the bed we were laying in started vibrating and I’m not so sure it wasn’t levitating.”

Mother said, “No, not that, about us going to hell.”

I said, “I didn’t go to hell.”

She said, Yes, you and I went to hell then to heaven.”

I said, “Mother, I slept all night.  I didn’t even dream.”

She said, “But you were with me.”

I said, “Tell me about it.”

Mother said, “An angel came and got us.  We got into a around metal car.  You know those vehicles that people get into to go up a mountain and it’s on a cable.”

I said, “A gondola?”

She said, “Yes, that’s it.  The three of us got into one of those.  There was glass on the sides so I could see out.  We started moving really fast, then we started descending.  We went down, down, down, then we stopped.  The door opened and the angel told me to step out.  You stayed in the car.  After taking a few steps, Linda I was standing in hell.  It was hot and the smell was so rancid.  I tried to cover my nose, but it didn’t help.  The smell was rancid, sewerage, vomit, every foul odor imaginable all together.   It’s indescribable.  Then the noise.  Millions of people screaming, crying and groaning.  The very worst part of hell is the presence of God is not there.  That’s the first time I have been without the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is with us all of our lives, even when we are in the womb.  So we take Him for granted because He is always there.

I cried for Jesus and the angel touched my arm and we got back into the vehicle.  We began to rise, then we shot into space.  I saw space and stars.  Then we were in heaven.  Once again the door opened and I stepped out.  You stayed in the car.

I started walking to the throne room.  I saw your daddy.  He walked passed me and turned and smiled.  He didn’t say anything to me, he just smiled.  I did not see mother and daddy, but I felt them.  I knew they were in heaven.  I went into the throne room and Oh the magnificence of the Father.  When I left the throne room I saw a little girl.  She was sitting on the ground playing with a ball and a string.  Kind of like when you play jacks.  She got up and she was laughing and singing, and skipping around.  Then she saw Jesus walking toward her.  She ran to Him, He sat down and she climbed into His lap.  He hugged and kissed her.  She turned around and sat with her back leaning into His chest.  I realized the little girl was me!  I looked like I was about 2 or 3 years old.  My hair was cotton top and straight, and cut into the bowl shape.  Jesus looked up at me straight into my eyes and I knew it was time to go back to earth.  I said Lord why did you send me to hell?  I’m a good person.  I accepted you when I was a child.  I have served you all of my life.”

Jesus said, “I sent you to hell so you could experience what it is like.  Then I brought you to heaven so you could experience what it is like.  When you return to earth, you must tell people about this experience and tell them they must choose.  They must choose between heaven or hell.  It is their choice of where they will spend eternity.”

Mother and I laid in that bed talking about the events that took place.  I asked her what Jesus looked like.  She said looking into His eyes is like looking in liquid love.  I asked her about daddy.  She said he looked young and healthy.  She told me about heaven.  The beauty and love that permeates there.   She also talked about the horrors of hell.

I got up from the bed and went to the nurse’s station to get us some coffee.  The nurse stopped me and said, “What happened last night?  I heard a crash in your room.  I went to check on you and your mother and saw the mess, but the Lord would not let me enter the room.  I checked on you both during the night.  You both never moved.  You slept with your arm around her all night.”  I told her what happened.

The rest of the day was very peaceful.  Mother read in my bible and she talked about heaven.

My mother now lives in heaven, enjoying Jesus and my daddy.  All of us take our Christian walk way too lightly.  Just as mother said, “We take the Holy Spirit for granted.”  We must not do that.  Our time on this earth is growing to a close.

As I said at the beginning of this article, on November 9th the Lord gave me a dream reminding me of the “event”.  In the dream there was major chaos happening all around the world.  Our world is changing.  Many deaths will take place during this time.  The events of Revelation are happening all around us.  In the dream the Lord said seven times, “Tell them they have to choose.”  There was an urgency in His voice.

As I was proofing the article, I received a text that Mable Abshier Langford just passed away.  She was the nurse that was on duty the night of the “event.”  We don’t know when it is our time to step into eternity, so the decisions have to be made while we are still on earth.  You must choose.

Bill Wiese spent 23 minutes in hell.  He gives a very detail description of his experience.

Bigfoot Skeptic Turns Believer

by Chuck Collier, Capital Journal Reporter, 1 Nov. 1969, Sat., Page 31, Re-posted by Linda Stewart, 16 October 2022

Under ideal conditions it would be about as easy to sight one of the tracks as it would be to trail a Sherman Tank across a golf course.  They are big –outlandish–like a human foot that just kept growing for laughs.

But a lack of ideal conditions–or even minimal conditions, for that matter–is one of the obstacles of tracking this thing, Bigfoot, a legendary wild man of the forest lands of the Pacific Northwest.  Some people believe it is not legendary however, but real.

Bigfoot, real or legendary, has been striding through American history for more than a hundred years.  Some of the first white settlers in the area spoke to him.  But the Indians preceded them with their tales of Sasquatch, a man-like creature, mostly used by Indian parents to frighten their children into obedience.

Sasquatch, in a coastal Indian dialect, means big foot, but some historians believe the Indians only referred to the track of the grizzly bear, and not a mythical man creature.

Jess Paschall, a plumber living in Rickreall, has entered the argument over the Bigfoot controversy.  He’s on the side of those who believe that an ill-smelling, elusive humanoid, actually exists.

Before moving Rickreall, Paschall lived in northern California where he hunted all kinds of game.  When later hunting the elusive Bigfoot, he said he traded on this acquired knowledge of tracking and animal responses.

Today, summing up his feelings about the man-animal, Paschall says, “I don’t know what it is or even what it looks like.  But I am convinced that Bigfoot exists.”

Paschall says that his belief in the existence of Bigfoot marks a turnabout in his earlier thinking.  His acquaintance with “it” began approximately 9 years ago in the Marble Mountain wilderness in California.

At that time, Paschall says, he was a friend of a road contractor who had received a contract to build a logging access road to the edge of the wilderness.  In the newly scraped dirt of the roadbed one morning, the contractor discovered a set of large foot tracks as the men assembled to begin work.

But in addition to the huge footprints, measuring 17 1/2 inches long by 8 inches at the broadest point, the contractor noted a significant act of “looting” at the construction site.  A tire from a piece of road equipment had been thrown–not rolled–over the lip of the road, and a filled 55-gallon drum of diesel oil was given the same treatment.  (A drum of diesel fuel weights approximately 500 pounds).

The contractor staked off one of the footprints at the campsite and posted a man to protect it while he drove to the nearest town for some plaster of paris for a casting of the print.  Paschall, since he was a friend of the contractor, later received a cast of the footprint taken from the original on at the road camp.

“It was about three years later that I actually went out looking for Bigfoot,” Paschall said.  “Some of the things we did were to set camera traps in various areas we thought might be used by him.”

The traps netted a variety of photographic glimpses of animal life, as well as one surprised hunter, but nothing of Bigfoot.

In his searches in the California forests Paschall claims to have found many examples of Bigfoot’s spoor, and even experienced one whiff of him, which, in Paschall’s words, “was horrible but I can’t quite pinpoint the odor.”

The near-sighting came one evening when Paschall and two companions, armed with rifles and equipped with small 2-cell flashlights, were on a stalking expedition.  According to Paschall, first came the indescribable odor and later the sound of treading through the waist-high snow brush below them.

Snow brush is described by Paschall as a thick tangle of undergrowth that is extremely difficult to walk through.  It is a growth that bears crash through and deer traverse in a series of high leaps.  Yet the sound he claims to have heard that night was the unmistakable, measured tread of something striding through the brush.

While listening to the sound of the striding below, which was beyond the range of the flashlights, Paschall decided to test the creature’s reflexes.  He sucked in a huge breath and then cut loose with a loud scream.  He later reflected that the reflexes of the thing making the noise seemed to be under better control then those of his surprised companions–they bolted while the crashing stride from below continued unbroken by the sudden shout.

“I felt that if it had been a bear or deer,” Paschall said, “the sudden should would cause it to either freeze or flee.  It doesn’t prove anything that neither of these actions were taken, but it does indicate to me that this was not the normal reaction of animals I have had dealings with.”

Paschall has seen several examples of Bigfoot tracks, he claims, as well as a few attempts of what he believes to be deceptions made by someone pressing a large footprint into soft dirt.

“The way to tell the fakes,” he said, “is to notice that they never go up or down embankments.  They are always on level ground.  The reason for this is that when a person climbs or scrambles downward, his foot digs into the dirt in peculiar patterns, and it’s too difficult for anyone to try to fake such a print.”

Besides the footprint of Sasquatch, which he says has taken 54-inch strides on level ground — about 20 inches more than the normal man — he has observed the indentations of what appears to him to have been a female and a youngster sitting in the sand by a creek.  It was also on a sandbar by a creek that he saw some tracks on Bigfoot as he had walked under a projecting log, narrowly missing the trip wire of one of his camera traps.

“Those, particular tracks,” Paschall said, “are perfect examples of genuine prints showing the way a foot is twisted and the toes dug into the sand as a person would bend underneath a log, step through, and then stand erect again.  I don’t believe anyone could have faked those tracks.  Besides,” he added, “this particular place was a long way from civilization and why would anyone go to the bother of going out there to plant some phony tracks on the off chance that someone might see them?”

He also observed a camp or sleeping area once that had been built–in Paschall’s estimation–by Bigfoot.  The bed was made of moss pulled from alder branches some 13 feet above the ground.  There was also sword fern snapped off and tossed onto the ground for extra padding.

Paschall described sword fern as extremely tough and fibrous and almost impossible to tear by hand.  Yet those pieces of fern appeared to have been ripped off, several stalks at a time.

Paschall is used to skepticism about his belief in Bigfoot.  When asked to explain the creature’s continued scarcity in this age of vast technology and rapid discovery, he simply replies with a shrug.

“The area we are talking about in California,” he said, “is almost 100 miles square.  It is a trackless, mostly uninhabited by man, and the floor of the forest itself is a deep cushion of rotting material that almost never leaves a footprint of any kind of animal.”

It is not inconceivable to Paschall that such a man-like creature, thought to be about 8 feet in height and tremendously powerful, could live for the most part unmolested and unobserved by man in his secluded forest.

To most people, Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, is no more than an interesting legend.  But to Jess Paschall, it is alive and hiding in the immensity of the forest lands of the Northwest.

Mason M. Paschall, Uniontown Planter, Qualifies for Legislature

The Marion Times-Standard, (Marion, AL), Thu., February 19, 1942, Page 1.  Reposted by Linda Stewart, 1 September 2022

Mason M. Paschall has officially qualified for place number two in the legislature from Perry County.  Mr. Paschall has been in the state for over 20 years, and a registered citizen of Perry County.  During this time Mr. Paschall has taken part in many of the worthwhile and progressive legislative movements in the state.  Though this is his first bid for public office, Mr. Paschall has been indirectly active in state affairs for a number of years.  This experience should merit consideration by Perry County voters as it has given him marked qualifications for filling the office to which he aspires.

Mr. Paschall is a member of the American Legion, having enlisted in 1917 as an aviator.  He is also vice-president of the Alabama Ginner’s Association.

Mr. Paschall is the originator of the now world famous annual Uniontown Turkey Carnival, and is now service this organization as vice-president, which has brought fame and prosperity as well as invaluable publicity to Perry County.

To the farmers of Perry County Mr. Paschall has this to say: “If elected to the legislature, I propose among other vital bills, to introduce a bill which will have as its purpose greatly increased and regulated production of high quality turkeys.  This will ultimately attract to our counties those industries such as canneries, hatcheries and storage plants which have always followed such movements in the other turkey and poultry sections of the U. S.

Mr. Paschall is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Uniontown.  He is engaged in farming, ginning and stock raising.

Recently the Montgomery Advertiser had this to say of Mr. Paschall and his qualifications:

“Whaddya you think?  That fellow, Mason M. Paschall of Uniontown, is in the race for the legislature from Perry County.  And we believe Mason will be elected.  He is a progressive, upright, honest, capable and bold man.  He has a temper that would give the devil something to think about when he (Paschall) becomes aroused.”

“Paschall is the great anti-sales tax man.  He made the rotunda of the capitol turn blue in the last administration with his vehement protests against the sales tax.  And at that time, of course, we felt the same way Paschall did.  Paschall was on the right trail but in the wrong scouting party.  Today Paschall is still on the right trail but with the right scouting party.”

“The legislature will be better off for having Paschall in it.  He is no smug prude, no narrow bigot.  He looks at things with a wide open eye and his thinking is straight.  Perry County, we say, would do well to let Paschall have a shot at a legislative session.”

“We predict Paschall will be a great help to Gov. Graves because he has business sense and common sense as well.”

Fred Taylor writing in the Birmingham News says under the heading “Talking Turkey,” “Mason M. Paschall has entered the race for legislature from Perry County.  Mr. Paschall is the originator of the now famous Uniontown Turkey Carnival which has literally put Uniontown and Perry County on the map throughout the nation.  Mr. Paschall seeks place number two.”

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Paschall Married Half Century Ago

Latrobe Bulletin, (Latrobe, Pennsylvania), Tuesday, July 1, 1941, Page 3.  Reposted by Linda Stewart, 16 August 2022

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Paschall, [John Lincoln Paschall and Ada Laura Gray] of near New Alexandria, residents of Westmoreland County for the past 47 years, will observe their golden wedding anniversary on July 4th, when they will hold open house from 2 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon and from 7 to 9 in the evening, for their many relatives and friends at their home on the William Penn Highway, east of New Alexandria.

Mr. Paschall and the former Miss Ada Gray were united in marriage, in Pittsburg, Pa., on June 11, 1891, by the late Rev. Kiser then pastor of the Christ M. E. church.  Following their marriage, the couple resided in Derry, Pa., for one year where Mr. Paschall operated a meat market.  They later removed to Latrobe, and thence to Lancaster during which time, Mr. Paschall was employed in the steel mills.  In 1894, Mr. and Mrs. Paschall returned to the home farm, in Westmoreland county, near New Alexandria.

Mr. Paschall’s parents were the late Abram[ham] and Carrie Horton Paschall, former residents of Westmoreland county.  Prior to locating in Westmoreland county, they had moved from Delaware county where Mr. Paschall was born on October 29, 1856.  Mrs. Paschall, a daughter of the late William and Agnes Gray [William M. Gray and Agnes Hurley], was born in Blaine, Pa., in Perry county, on November 22, 1865.

The romance had its origin in Kansas where Mr. Paschall spent ten years before returning to the East in 1890, and where the former Miss Gray taught school for several years.  It was while teaching school at Rossville, Kansas, that she met Mr. Paschall, then a member of the school board.  For the past 47 years they have resided in Derry Typ.

Mr. and Mrs. Paschall have six children: Henry, of Oceanville, N. J.; Mrs. Grace Bash, of Delmont; Leroy, of Chicago, Ill.; Mrs. Edith Ribblett, of Conemaugh; Mrs. Eva Newdorfer, of Alameda, Cal.; and John, of Nyack, N. Y.  There are also ten grandchildren.


Paschal – What’s In A Name

The Daily Olympian, (Olympia, Washington), Tue., June 9, 1970, Page 5.  Re-posted by Linda Stewart, 21 June 2022

The French surname Paschal derived from the Hebrew word pasakh indicating the Passover, a festive day when it is said that “God passed over” the houses of the children of Israel.  In England, the name was associated with Good Friday.  Boys born on that day were often given the name Paschal.  The name became a favorite in France where Pascal was a noted philosopher.  As Pascoti, it was the name of an Italian poet.

There is a slight difference in the armorial bearings confirmed to the noble and honored Pascals of years past, all of whose coats of arms contain the words ” … un agneau pascal … ” meaning a paschal lamb.

The lamb became the symbol of Christ frequently used in manuscripts and paintings of the fourth and fifth centuries.  The banner bearing a lamb signified the Resurrection, the cross emblazoned banner being the sign of triumph.  This symbol became decisive influence in the expression of the Easter liturgy until a synod of church officials meeting in A.D. 692 in Trullo passed legislation forbidding the representation of the paschal lamb as a symbol of Christ.  The reasoning for this act being that the symbol was becoming misunderstood, the people imagining that Christ in the Incarnation has assumed this form.  Truth required the use of human image of Christ and the lamb was relegated to secondary importance thereafter.

Paschal is the mour literary spelling of the name taken directly from the Latin ‘paschalis’ … more commonly spelled Pascal in France.  Paschal was the name assumed by three early Popes.  These included Paschal I, Pope from A.D. 717 to 824 … Pope Paschal II, 1099 through 1118. known for his conflict with Henry I of England and emperors Henry IV and Henry V of the Holy Roman Empire.  Paschal III, the anti-pope, opposed Alexander III forcing him to seek refuge in France in 1162.

Memorial Day

By Linda Stewart, 25 May 2022

On May 30th, our nation will observe Memorial Day.   Memorial Day, which was originally named Decoration Day, originated during the American Civil War when citizens placed flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle.  After World War I, the day came to be observed in honor of all who have died during the nation’s wars.  Our nation and the individual families will never forget their loves ones who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

There is another one who gave the ultimate sacrificed of His life for the freedom of all mankind.  His name is Jesus Christ.  We don’t place flowers on His grave because He was resurrected on the third day after He died.  Then forty days later He ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives outside of Jerusalem, Israel.

Jesus did institute a Memorial Day for Himself.  Paul, the apostle, wrote about it in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26  23 For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus, on the night when He was betrayed, took bread; 24 and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “This is My body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” 25 In the same way He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” 26 For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.

We call Jesus’ Memorial Day simply communion.  The U.S. Memorial Day is once a year.  Communion can be daily until He returns to earth.  Returning to earth is the promise He made to all mankind.    The signs of the times indicate that promise is getting closer to being fulfilled.

Remembering a Loved One

by Linda Stewart, 28 April 2022

I believe family researchers are born with a love and connection to the past.  We enjoy going back to the old homesteads and walking the land that our ancestors walked.  Touching the things they may have touched.  Carrying on the family traditions.  But what do you do with all the material things that is left behind when they move to heaven?

Giving away the things that our loved one owned is one of the hardest things the family members will ever do.  Touching a shirt will create an entangled emotional ball of happiness, love and grief.  Grief counsels often suggest keeping a few keepsake items, then having an estate sale.  People who attend estates sales will choose items that they will incorporate into their lives that they will love and cherish as much as your loved one did.

Several months after my husband died, my sister-in-law came over and helped me clean out his closet and chest-of-drawers.  Actually she did most of the cleaning while I sat on the bed and cried.  My husband enjoy wearing ties to church.  The Lord told me to not give the ties away.  I now realize why.

Our wonderful sweet cousin, Sandy Paschal, in Mt. Carmel, Illinois is a quilter.  She posted on Facebook pictures of quilted Christmas ornaments she has made.  I contacted her and asked if she could make ornaments out of my husband’s ties.  She said she had never made ornaments out of ties before, but would certainly try.  I think you will agree Sandy’s creations are beautiful, unique, and a priceless keepsake.

Now I must admit, I still have his deer mounts hanging on the wall, and his collection of saltwater fish pictures still dominate one room, but I’ve added crochet, lace, and flowers all over the house.  After thirty-eight years of marriage, his things are also my things.

Once I am through with enjoying the material things on earth and move to heaven, then someone else will incorporate them into their lives and enjoy them as well.

Blessings to All.





Luscious Cherry Pie A Specialty of Mrs. Paschall

by Mabel Weise, The Dispatch, (Moline, Illinois), Wed., 27 Feb 1952, Page 17.  Reposted by Linda Stewart, 26 February 2022

“Every time our group plans a dinner the men say: ‘Have Harriet Paschall make cherry pie’.”  That was the comment of the kind person who called this department to suggest Mrs. Ronald R. Paschall (Harriet Brown) as one we should have on this page.  And here she is, to tell us all how to make the cherry pie which her friends declare is the “best ever.”  We find all of these good cooks so very modest that we are almost led to believe that these superb specialties of theirs practically jump into a pan and settle themselves into a concoction which eventually comes to the table with all the attributes of ambrosia.

For her pastry Mrs. Paschall uses:

2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

2/3 cup (heaping) Spry  [Crisco]

6 tablespoons cold water

Sift flour, salt and baking power together; cut shortening into it; then add water, 2 tablespoons at a time.  Divide dough into 2 parts; roll 1 part out on floured board to desire size.  Line one 9-inch pie tin with pastry, and pour in the filling made as follows:

1 No. 2 can red sour pitted cherries

1 1/2 cups sugar

4 tablespoons cherry juice

2 heaping tablespoons flour

Drain can of cherries, saving juice.  Add sugar, flour and cherry juice to drained cherries.  Mix thoroughly and fill pie crust.  Roll out second part of dough and cover pie with top crust.  Flute edges and slit top about 10 times.  Brush crust with cream and sprinkle lightly with sugar.  Bake for 1 hour, with oven at 425 degrees until pie is brown; then turn down to 325.

NOTE: Spry was a brand of vegetable shortening produced by Lever Brothers starting in 1936. It was a competitor for Procter & Gamble’s Crisco.

Harriett was born in Chicago, IL, on September 15, 1918, to William B. and Ellen (Davies) Brown. On August 28, 1943, in Moline, she married Ronald Rex Paschall, who preceded her in death February 22, 2006.  Harriett died on 24 August 2014.

‘Hush’ Insider Is Pursued by Spies and Ills

By Virginia MacPherson; The Dispatch, (Moline, Illionis), Sat. Nov 20, 1948, Pg 9.  Re-posted by Linda Stewart, 5 February 2022

HOLLYWOOD — (UP) — Having a tough time figuring out who Mama and Papa Hush are?  then relax and listen to the troubles of the man who helps confuse you.  He gets all the ailments your dimes help fight.

He’s Al Paschall, 31-year-old right-hand man of Ralph Edwards on Truth or Consequences and This Is Your Life, and he is, he says, a hypochondriac.  “When we’re giving money to the infantile paralysis fund I go home every night feeling like I have polio,” He said.  “When we help out the cancer drive I’m sure I’ve got cancer.”  “We just finished up with the heart association.  My ticker’s still weak.  Now … we’re collecting money for the mental health drive … and …”

Paschall is one of four men who knows for sure who Mama and Papa Hush are.  And it doesn’t help his peace of mind any to know a few commercial contest enterers [sic] have private detectives on his trail to find out.

“That’s only the beginning,” He says.  “We have to keep moving the Hush people from place to place every week.  We sneak in and out windows, hid away in out-of-town auto courts, and sometimes we even move in the Hush of the moment.”

When Clara Bow was Mrs. Hush, Paschal said, he and his engineer had her broadcast the riddle from her bedroom in the Nevada desert.  “And just before show-time, Charles Farrell dropped in for dinner,” he added.  “He kept talking about the contest and saying he knew who it was and we figured we were dead for sure.”  “When the program started he and her ex-agent had their ears glued to the radio.  Clara sauntered into the bedroom, I sneaked in a minute later, and our engineer climbed in through the back window.”  “We did the riddle not three feet from ’em and when we cam out the ex-agent said: ‘I’ve got it.  It’s Mary Pickford using a high voice.'”

Now Edwards is on the air with This Is Your Life and it looks like he has another sock show.  He’s had two programs so far, and they wound up with everybody in the cast and everybody in the audience happily weeping buckets.  That’s another Paschall chore.  Cheering everybody up.  “I wouldn’t,” he says, “do this for anybody in the world except Ralph.”

A Life In A Garden

Reposted By Linda Stewart, 5 January 2022

The story about Gene and Beth Paschall is featured in the article “A Life In A Garden” by Nina A. Koziol, Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois), Sunday, 11 Aug 2013, Page 6-23.  Her article features Patricia Lanza, Kay Mangan, and Gene and Beth Paschall.

Gene and Beth Paschall have gardened in their Palos Heights, Ill., home for 50 years.  He’s 91 and she’s 90.  Their garden is filled with more than 100 rhododendrons and azaleas, many of which Gene hybridized.  There are towering spruce trees — once seedling that they brought back from vacation and planted.  Mass plantings of ferns, ginger and other ground covers, along with many shrubs and small ornamental trees, help keep maintenance to a minimum.  The couple are outside everyday in good weather, doing a few chores.

“Beth carries a plastic bucket and pulls weeds for a while,” Gene said.  “And as soon as he gets wobbly, he comes in,” Beth said.  A landscaping service cuts the lawn, and their son mulches the beds and planted their vegetable garden this spring.  But Gene is out there with pruners in hand, snipping off any dead or broken branches.

“I hate the idea, the thought of going into a condo.” says Gene, who spent several stints in the hospital last year.  “I like to look at the rhododendrons every morning, and they’re pretty low maintenance.  It’s very therapeutic.”

Eugene Forest “Gene” Paschall, the son of Samuel Fred Paschall and Ota Vera  Hatfield, was born 7 January 1922 in Neosho, Newton Co., MO, died 1 April 2018, and was buried in the Fairmount-Willow Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Willow Springs, Cook Co., IL[i].   Eugene married Elizabeth G. Lincoln.

Elizabeth “Beth” G. Lincoln, daughter of James William Lincoln and Olive Geneva Mason, was born 25 January 1923, died 6 June 2018, and was also buried in the Fairmount-Willow Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Willow Springs, Cook Co., IL[ii].


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