Judge George W. Paschall

By Linda Stewart, 11 September 2018

The Atlanta Constitution, (Atlanta, Georgia) – Sunday, August 5, 1894, Page 433

Recent references to the late Judge George W. Paschall, from incidents current in Lumpkin county, have called forth a reply from Mr. C. A. Lilly, a kinsman of the judge, the points of which add much to the knowledge gained.  After stating that Judge Paschall did not edit the paper at Nackollsville, Mr. Lilly says:

“Judge Paschall was admitted to the bar in Wilkes county, Georgia, in 1833; was examined for admission by Judge A. B. Longstreet, Francis Cone and Daniel Chandler.  Hon. W. H. Crawford presided at the supreme court at the time.  At the time of Judge Paschal’s marriage, with Miss Sarah Ridge, the daughter of Major John Ridge, which was in February, 1837, he was a soldier of the United States under General Wood, with the rank of captain.  They were married at New Echota.  Major John Ridge was associated chief with John Ross, of the Cherokee nation.  As all know, Major Ridge was a most highly educated and cultivated gentleman.  In the national museum in Washington city there is a fine portrait of Major Ridge.

“Judge Paschall removed to Arkansas with his Indian wife during the year 1837.  While in Arkansas he was judge of the supreme court.

“In 1853,” Mr. Lilly continued, “Judge Paschall removed from Arkansas to Galveston, Tex.  I will say nothing of Judge Paschall’s life after moving to Texas.  His work there is a part of the history of that great state.  I know that Judge Paschall never abandoned his Indian wife, and I never heard of him mysteriously disappearing from any place.  Judge Paschall did prepare and publish an ‘Annotated Constitution of the United States.’  The Mississippi river episode, as regards Judge Paschall hasn’t enough fact in it to base a romance on.  My uncle, Judge Paschall, had three children now living, born of his Indian wife — Colonel George W. Paschall is now a resident of Washington, D. C.

“That is rather a pretty romance,” Mr. Lilly concluded, “about the daughter of Judge Paschall.  She was not a daughter of Judge Paschall’s Indian wife.  She is the child of a second wife of Judge Paschall and a grandchild of Governor Duval, of Florida.  She was married to Hon. T. P. O’Connor before ‘Marse Chan’ was ever written.  Mrs. O’Connor now lives in London.  Her husband is a member of the British parliament.”


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