An Unselfish Act

by Clarence McDaniel, 5 August 2019, Casa Grande, AZ

This is a true story of Alexander Paschall (Hx) and his wife, Susannah Morgan.

Alex (Elisha, William) was born in Caswell Co., NC, as was his wife, Susannah. He was a distiller of whisky, and could write his name very well as evidenced by his signatures on deeds. About 1832, he and his wife, and children moved west to Henry Co., TN, then to Weakley Co., TN. where he bought land. He was well off from the sale of whisky and decided to have a home built. This home was later called, a mansion, as it was elaborate for the area.

In later years it was the subject of an article published in a Weakley Co. newspaper, ca 192x.

In this same newspaper was published an interesting story of the same family. It is this story I will relate here.

It seems the people living in Weakley, for the most part, were very poor farmers, their wives had only one dress to wear to go to church. They wore daily, dresses made from dyed gunny sack and these were often ripped and very patched up.

When their home was finished, Susannah, decided she wanted to celebrate by giving a party and invited the neighbors to it.

This caused a problem and the neighbor wives met at Susannah’s house to explain the situation. It seems they felt they could not go because they had nothing to wear, being unwilling to go in their Sunday dress.

Susannah had six dresses and she suggested they all meet at her house and alter (temporarily) the other 5 dresses for the ladies to wear to the party.

This was done and the party was a huge success.

Note: The newspaper was published at the county seat; a lady in Weakley then published articles from the paper for genealogical purposes in the local Weakley genealogical society where I accessed them. All this is from my memory; I had copies/photos in my notes which I gave to the Henry Co., TN Genealogical Society Library where they are today.

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