Ancestors Of Local People Were Persecuted French Huguenots

By Quida Jewell, “Backward Glance” at Fulton, KY

If they like, Mrs. Jo Scruggs’ youngsters can brag to their school-mates about how one of their ancestors was a buddy of David Crockett … for through their grandmother, Mrs. Hazel Scruggs, now deceased, they are descendants of some very outstanding persons.

Some of the ancestors of the Scruggs children also, of Mr. Joe Bennett, his sister, Mrs. W. H. McGee, Mr. Joe’s son Follie, and Miss Martha Smith – all local people – were originally French Huguenots, who were driven from their native land by religious persecution.

One ancestor was a companion of Davy Crockett in removing the Cherokee Indians from Tennessee.  Another was a revolutionary soldier.

The following article about the family with the late Dr. Jesse Paschall as the principal subject appears in “History of Kentucky” published in 1922.

Jesse B. Paschall, M. D., A busy physician and surgeon.  Doctor Paschall’s work has []anged over a large community in both sides of the State Line in Fulton, and he is as well known in Obion County, Tennessee as in Fulton County, Kentucky.  His father before him was an honored physician for many years in the same communities.

The branch of the Paschall family were originally French Huguenots and were driven from their native land by religious persecution.  Three brothers came to America, one locating in New York City, another at Philadelphia, while the ancestor of Doctor Paschall established a home in North Carolina.  The grandfather of doctor Paschall was Jesse Morgan Paschall, a native of North Carolina.  The spirit of adventure led him early into southwest.  He was a companion of David Crockett in removing the Cherokee Indians from Tennessee.  Alexander Paschall, father of Jesse Morgan Paschall was the son of William Paschall, a revolutionary soldier from North Carolina.  He spent most of his years as a pioneer farmer in Weakley County, Tennessee, where he died.

The late Dr. N. J. [Newton Julian] Paschall was born in Weakley County in 1840 and was a graduate in medicine of the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia.  Soon afterward the war brook out and in 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate Army from Weakley County.  He served as captain in the cavalry under General Forrest and served throughout the war from his first great battle at Shiloh until the final surrender.  When the war was over he returned to Obion County and subsequently took another diploma in medicine from Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri.   He also practiced in Texas three years, and for many years had his home in Fulton, Kentucky, and in Obion County, Tennessee, moving across the line into the latter county in 1878.  However, he died at Fulton, Kentucky in 1900.  He was a man of highest standing in professional and civic circles.  He married Sarah Jane Wilson, who was born at Milburn, Kentucky, and is now living in Obion County.  She was the mother of eight children; Mary Elizabeth whose husband, Andrew L. Foster, is connected with the Patterson Transfer Company at Memphis where they reside; Sarah Agnes is the wife of Herschel T. Smith, a well known Fulton attorney; May was married to Joe Bennett, a druggist at Fulton, Kentucky; Augusta is the wife of Thomas N. Fields of Obion County; Newton Jr., is in the drug business at Fulton, Kentucky, but has his home in Obion County; Ed C. is a fire insurance broker at Fulton with a home in Obion County; Dr. Jesse B. is the seventh of the family; and Dixie, the youngest is the wife of Thomas M. Pittman, a civil engineer at McComb, Mississippi.

Jesse B. Paschall was born in Obion County, September 7, 1881, attended the public schools at Fulton, Kentucky, high school at Memphis, Tennessee, took his preparatory college work in the Mooney School of Franklin, Tennessee and in 1909 received his M. D. degree from Washington University at St. [sic] in his chosen line.  He is a member of the college fraternity Phi Delta Phi.  Doctor Paschall entered active practice at Fulton in 1909 and has achieved all the recognition due a man of adequate equipment and skill in his chosen line.  He is a member of the County State and American Medical Associations , has held the position of Health Officer of Fulton, Kentucky, and is present Health Officer of Fulton, Tennessee, where he has his home, one of the modern residences in the vicinity of Fulton.  His office is at 218 Lake Street in Fulton, Kentucky.

Doctor Paschall is a democrat, a member of the Baptist Church and is affiliated with Frank Carr Lodge of Odd Fellows, Fulton Lodge No. 1142 of the Elks Evergreen Camp No. 4, Woodman of the World.

April 9, 1915, in Fulton County, Kentucky, he married Miss Addie Browder, daughter of John C. and Luella (Milner) Browder, a well known family of farmers of Fulton County.  Mrs. Paschall is a graduate of the Memphis Conference Institute of Jackson, Tennessee.   Their only children, twins, Sarah Jane and Luella Julia, both died young.  Sarah Jane at the age of three years.

Dr. Jesse Rutledge “Blue” Paschall (H0387) (Newton Julian, Jesse Morgan, Alexander, Elisha, William), the son of Newton Julian Paschall and Sarah Jane Wilson, was born in 1881 in Obion, TN, died on 22 August 1924 in Jefferson Co., KY, and was buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Fulton, Fulton Co., KY.  He married Addie Browder, and they had three daughters; twins Louella Julia (1916-1916)and Sarah Jane (1916-1919), and Mary Browder (1923-2001).

Article reprinted by Linda Stewart, 29 April 2020

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