DNA Maps

by Linda Stewart, 2 December 2020

Hello Researchers,

Brian Rodriguez has been researching the Paschall’s in England.  He submitted his father-in-law, J. Paschall’s DNA to be tested.  He then downloaded the results to create a research map of England.  As you can see from the map there is a lot of area to research.  We were wondering of those of you who have submitted your DNA would also consider getting a map?   We can compare the maps and possibly pinpoint and area of research. The maps may be emailed to admin@paschal-paschall.com.  Even if you have not had your DNA mapped and want to help with the research, please let us know.

Brian writes … After you have your DNA tested with one of the big DNA testing companies (23andMe, Ancestry, LivingDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, or MyHeritage), you download your DNA test results to your computer. Then you upload that DNA file to the website LivingDNA for free, although you need to set up a free account first.  After you have uploaded your DNA to LivingDNA, you can generate the DNA map of the UK area, along with most of Europe.  It does costs $39 to see those results.  It would be great if more Paschall’s could send their LivingDNA maps to us (I used a screen capture on my PC when the map was displayed), so that we can have a more efficient search in both the UK and Europe.

Brian is an excellent researcher.  His Jana Inglish Paschal work is featured at http://paschal-paschall.com/jana-inglis-parker-payne-paine/jana-by-brian-rodriguez-2-nov-2019/

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