You Must Choose

by Linda Stewart, 27 November 2022

This is a true story.  The “event” took place in 2005.  On November 9, 2022 the Lord gave me a dream reminding me of the “event”.  In the dream He said seven times, “Tell them they have to choose.”  This is the story of the “event”.

My mother, Ruth Paschall Clark, was born in 1919.  At the age of 9 she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She served Him faithfully all the days of her life, and raised her children to love the Lord Jesus.

In 2005, mother was hospitalized in our small local hospital with pneumonia.  She had been there for about a week.  My sister had been staying with her at night.  One evening mother called me and said, “I want you staying with me tonight.”  I took care of the things that needed tending to at my home, put on comfortable clothes that I could sleep in, grabbed my bible and anointing oil, and headed to the hospital.  When I got there mother was sitting on the edge of her hospital bed.  She started crying and said, “Jesus has left me.”

I said, “Mother, Jesus hasn’t left you.  He says in His word ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ (Hebrews 13:5).  Why do you think He’s left you?”

She said, “About three days ago, I was in the bathroom.  Something hit me and it’s inside of me.  I hear it blaspheming the Lord and now I can’t feel Jesus”.

I said, “Mother, why didn’t you say something about this earlier?”

She said, “I was afraid you kids would think I was crazy.”

I said, “Well, you’re not crazy and we going to take care of this.”

At that time, I was just learning about the authority of the name of Jesus and dealing with demons.  My friend Ann and her roommate were both familiar with deliverance ministry.  So I decided to call her to get some guidance.  I called Ann’s home from mother’s hospital room.  As soon as her phone rang the phone line in the room went dead.  I went to the nurse’s station, told them the phone line was dead.  They told me to use their phone.  I called Ann and she answered the phone.  I said, “Ann, it’s Linda.  I need prayer” and that phone line also went dead.  I told the nurse the line was dead and she said, “Oh that’s impossible the hospital has a backup system” but to her surprise, it had failed at that moment.  The phone system to the entire hospital was not working.  Ann and her roommate immediately started praying and interceding for me.

I went back to mother’s room.  I got out my anointing oil and opened my bible and started reading out loud.  Mother put her hands over her ears.  The demon was really tormenting her now.  I said, “What is the demon saying?”

She said, “Your daughter can’t help you. No one can help you.”

I said, “That is a lie straight from hell because Mother and I are covered by the blood of Jesus.  Let’s get ready for bed.”

As we were getting ready for bed, things began to happen in the room.  The furniture started moving on its own.  Items that were on the night stand started flying through the room as if being thrown by an invisible hand.  A picture fell off the wall.  Mother was in the bed clutching my bible to her chest.  I anointed us both, and I anointed the hospital bed.  I got into bed with her.  We were both laying on our left sides with my right arm wrapped around her.  At this point we were in a full poltergeist event.  The bed we were in started vibrating and moving.  Speaking to the demons, I said, “Devil, you do whatever you want to do.  Mother and I are covered by the Blood of Jesus and in Jesus’ name we are going to sleep.”  When I said the “Blood of Jesus”  everything stopped.  The things that were in mid air stopped.  Then everything crashed to the floor.  The crash was so loud one of the nurses from the nursing station came to see what had happened.  I saw her open the door, but she did not come into the room.

Mother and I went to sleep.  The next morning we woke up about the same time.  Still lying on our left sides with my arm around her, I asked mother if the demon was gone.  She said yes. Then mother said, “Well, what did you think about last night?”

I kind of laughed and said, “Well, it was one thing for things to go flying through the room.  It was another thing when the bed we were laying in started vibrating and I’m not so sure it wasn’t levitating.”

Mother said, “No, not that, about us going to hell.”

I said, “I didn’t go to hell.”

She said, Yes, you and I went to hell then to heaven.”

I said, “Mother, I slept all night.  I didn’t even dream.”

She said, “But you were with me.”

I said, “Tell me about it.”

Mother said, “An angel came and got us.  We got into a around metal car.  You know those vehicles that people get into to go up a mountain and it’s on a cable.”

I said, “A gondola?”

She said, “Yes, that’s it.  The three of us got into one of those.  There was glass on the sides so I could see out.  We started moving really fast, then we started descending.  We went down, down, down, then we stopped.  The door opened and the angel told me to step out.  You stayed in the car.  After taking a few steps, Linda I was standing in hell.  It was hot and the smell was so rancid.  I tried to cover my nose, but it didn’t help.  The smell was rancid, sewerage, vomit, every foul odor imaginable all together.   It’s indescribable.  Then the noise.  Millions of people screaming, crying and groaning.  The very worst part of hell is the presence of God is not there.  That’s the first time I have been without the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is with us all of our lives, even when we are in the womb.  So we take Him for granted because He is always there.

I cried for Jesus and the angel touched my arm and we got back into the vehicle.  We began to rise, then we shot into space.  I saw space and stars.  Then we were in heaven.  Once again the door opened and I stepped out.  You stayed in the car.

I started walking to the throne room.  I saw your daddy.  He walked passed me and turned and smiled.  He didn’t say anything to me, he just smiled.  I did not see mother and daddy, but I felt them.  I knew they were in heaven.  I went into the throne room and Oh the magnificence of the Father.  When I left the throne room I saw a little girl.  She was sitting on the ground playing with a ball and a string.  Kind of like when you play jacks.  She got up and she was laughing and singing, and skipping around.  Then she saw Jesus walking toward her.  She ran to Him, He sat down and she climbed into His lap.  He hugged and kissed her.  She turned around and sat with her back leaning into His chest.  I realized the little girl was me!  I looked like I was about 2 or 3 years old.  My hair was cotton top and straight, and cut into the bowl shape.  Jesus looked up at me straight into my eyes and I knew it was time to go back to earth.  I said Lord why did you send me to hell?  I’m a good person.  I accepted you when I was a child.  I have served you all of my life.”

Jesus said, “I sent you to hell so you could experience what it is like.  Then I brought you to heaven so you could experience what it is like.  When you return to earth, you must tell people about this experience and tell them they must choose.  They must choose between heaven or hell.  It is their choice of where they will spend eternity.”

Mother and I laid in that bed talking about the events that took place.  I asked her what Jesus looked like.  She said looking into His eyes is like looking in liquid love.  I asked her about daddy.  She said he looked young and healthy.  She told me about heaven.  The beauty and love that permeates there.   She also talked about the horrors of hell.

I got up from the bed and went to the nurse’s station to get us some coffee.  The nurse stopped me and said, “What happened last night?  I heard a crash in your room.  I went to check on you and your mother and saw the mess, but the Lord would not let me enter the room.  I checked on you both during the night.  You both never moved.  You slept with your arm around her all night.”  I told her what happened.

The rest of the day was very peaceful.  Mother read in my bible and she talked about heaven.

My mother now lives in heaven, enjoying Jesus and my daddy.  All of us take our Christian walk way too lightly.  Just as mother said, “We take the Holy Spirit for granted.”  We must not do that.  Our time on this earth is growing to a close.

As I said at the beginning of this article, on November 9th the Lord gave me a dream reminding me of the “event”.  In the dream there was major chaos happening all around the world.  Our world is changing.  Many deaths will take place during this time.  The events of Revelation are happening all around us.  In the dream the Lord said seven times, “Tell them they have to choose.”  There was an urgency in His voice.

As I was proofing the article, I received a text that Mable Abshier Langford just passed away.  She was the nurse that was on duty the night of the “event.”  We don’t know when it is our time to step into eternity, so the decisions have to be made while we are still on earth.  You must choose.

Bill Wiese spent 23 minutes in hell.  He gives a very detail description of his experience.

3 thoughts on “You Must Choose”

  1. I do believe this is a true experience. I also believe that we are living in the last days and before the great Tribulation.
    That was quite an experience and certainly the devil is real and he is the one that controles the last day events of destruction.
    However I did not understand the comment that the Holy Spirit is in us at birth and before birth. My understanding is that we receive the Holy Spirit which is our New birth when we repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hello Lavonne, My understanding of mother’s comments about the Holy Spirit being with us at birth and before birth is when Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the comforter or Holy Spirit to earth. John 14:16,16; 15:26; 16:7. So the presence of the Holy Spirit is in the earth. Once we become born again, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. It’s the Holy Spirit that draws us to the Lord Jesus. So the Holy Spirit’s presence has always been around us even before we were saved or knew anything about Him. He has always been here. Once saved He is still around us, but now inside of us also. Blessings to you, Linda

  2. I know Ruth “Maw” is what I call her, she’s my mother-in-law & I know her daughter Linda – who is my sister-in-law! I have no doubt that all of it was true – each & every detail. I believe it with all my heart!

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